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Saturday, May 4, 2024

N. Dixon Fish

My friend Dixon Fish has been creating the window displays at the Fallbrook Art Center since day one. The long time Fallbrook resident is a painter, a set designer, a master printer and a long time teacher of art.

He really doesn't get enough credit for his artistic contributions at the Art Center but they are always wonderful!

I love the piece that he created as an advertisement for the current sculpture show.

Revolving on an armature base, it is the perfect assemblage of shapes and colors, all made out of found objects. Not an easy thing to do and pull off so well. 

But it is perfect, geometrically, from every angle and vantage.

A better form than 90% of what is passed off as modern art these days.

I hope someone brings it home one day and that it doesn't end up in a dustbin. It is pretty awesome!

Thank you, Dixon.

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