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Friday, May 17, 2024

Where have I been?

I don't watch much television at all, except for an occasional glance in a motel room on the road. So I am usually about five steps back from the normal human in terms of understanding what the heck is happening in our world. Let's face it, I lead a sheltered life.

I have been going through a lot of band-aids of late dressing the wound on my big toe and have pretty much exhausted our personal stash. Did you know, they no longer have the little pull string in the band-aid? I didn't.

Anyway, I went to Grocery Outlet to replenish our stock today. Couldn't find the large ones I needed, everything is an "assortment box."

But I did buy this box, out of a mixture of utility and curiosity.

Ourtone band-aids, for the darkly complected.

Now I had never seen these before but honestly must tell you that now that I have a choice I am in a bit of a quandary.You see I have olive skin, what you might call a "Mediterranean complexion." Do I go white or black?

I have always been dark, compared to your average Swede or Norwegian anyway. But I sport more of a caramel tone than the dark chocolate chroma of the new Ourtone band-aid strip. So tell me, should I go pasty or tanned?

At the risk of being accused of cultural appropriation I still went with the dark strip because I think it more closely resembles my skin tone than the normal band-aid, which is more like Barbie's Pepto pink flesh tone than my gorgeous and nuanced melanin.

And I may look white to you but I culturally identify internally as a brother and I think there's that too.

I feel as giddy as a woman in 1968 getting her first puff on a Virginia Slims cigarette. I've come a long way baby.


My wife just told me that there are at least four different skin tone colors available with ourtone, I had no clue. From ebony to ivory, as the song goes.

I probably could get a little closer to my personal hue but I think I will stick with this dark one, see if I can change my luck.

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