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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dynamo Doughnut

My friend Michael Haber and his wife are exhibiting at the show. Michael is a fine jewelry dealer from Philadelphia and a foodie. We have shared some good meals in Napa and Santa Fe. Michael brought in these doughnuts today from Dynamo Doughnuts, supposedly the apogee of doughnut making on the planet today.

I had a bite of a bacon maple doughnut that was quite different and very good. I am going to walk over and see if he has anything else that I can try.


Sanoguy said...

UMM, good!!! Bring some home!!! (Oh, that's OK... day old donuts are not so great!!!)

Anonymous said...

does anyone in these parts sell bacon maple donuts? sounds so good, everything's better with bacon...


Anonymous said...

Love the Maple bacon my consulting gig is a few blocks for the Dynamo Doughnuts. I’m there early some day and have gotten to know the baker girls.