Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eugene Davidovich awaits his fate.


I guess I am lucky. My cancer history and other past medical problems have shielded me to some extent from the gestapo. I have a signed medical card from a physician that allows me to use medical marijuana legally, courtesy of California Proposition 215.

Eugene Davidovich also had such a card. He was set up by a cop who lied about his medical condition to a Doctor and fraudulently obtained a card. Davidovich worked at a cooperative that was caught up in District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis's perfidious web.

Eugene is sitting in a courtroom in San Diego right now while a jury decides his fate. The prosecution tried to disallow any reference to his stellar career in the armed forces, tried to exclude his medical defense and tried to exclude his expert witness. They claimed that they were not bound by the dictates of the State Attorney General and have spent a ton of taxpayer money on this stupid and expensive case. The judge wisely shot down all of their positions.

I hope the best for Eugene and hope that all of you do as well. He is a brave and articulate man who stands up for all of the marijuana community. It was interesting to me that my cooperative, Mother Earth, disclosed that 83% of their members were over the age of 50. Not exactly bomb throwing firebrands. More like normal people from every walk of life, using one of the safest and most effective substances available for pain relief and dare I say it, pleasure.

Eugene is on the front lines for people like you or me, who choose to use marijuana from our supposedly safe perches. People like him, people who have helped to make the medicine more readily available, are still being sentenced to lengthy prison terms in this state. Because of mealy mouthed double talk from Washington and draconian and sick actions from local prosecutors and police chiefs whose budgets are still funded by the senseless drug war. And dare I say it, inaction and laziness of users who would rather sit back and let someone else take all the heat and do all of the heavy lifting.

His expected acquittal will hopefully send a clear sign to the antediluvians to call off their dogs and stop wasting taxpayers money on prosecuting the sick. The County needs to look long and hard after this case.


Speaking of pot, I find that there is an interesting kerfuffle brewing in the marijuana community regarding the new legalization initiative in California. Jack Herer, a prominent activist and writer is reportedly against it. Norml may be for it. I need to figure out the scuttlebutt. I think that one of the objections is taxation, something I have no problem with. I do think that it is pot is plainly too expensive. I remember 10 dollar cans, than lids, 100 dollar ounces of fresh green buds in the mid seventies and then the 400 dollar quagmire we are in today. With legalization I would hope that there could be a little price softening. I guess I am with certain powers that be on this point. It costs too damn much!


Anonymous said...

Read a very good article on the evil MaryJane in Rolling Stone this month.

Wonder how many of your readers will stand up and post comments to you?

One day people will look back on this silly war waged on a harmless plant and realize they let paranoid conservatives run our government like a exclusive country club for a handful of misinformed fools.

I for one, do not smoke pot. But I see no harm and only benefit for those who do. Again the million dollar picture pops into my head...Why is liquor legal and Marijuana is not???? Why does the exclusive country club get to serve their cocktails and margaritas and have such power to destroy innocent people's lives and pass laws to deny the choice of so many others???

Emergefit said...

Agreed with anonymous; I have never smoked pot in my life, but see no harm, and only good from its legalization, taxation, and medical and social applications. I genuinely believe historians 100 years from now will look back and question, "WTF?"

The only grass that should be outlawed is on yards and golf courses, and is doing sinister damage to our water supply.

Anonymous said...