Peregrine flight

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whatever floats your boat.

I am proud to live in a town where a certain merchant feels comfortable enough to walk around town in a smart ensemble, a not too short skirt, leggings, and a bodacious pair of ta-ta's. He walked by the coffee klatch this morning and somebody remarked that black was so slimming. Must take a lot of courage to withstand small town ridicule, but this happily married father has done his own thing for a long time. Raise a toast to Fallbrook's own Corporal Klinger! Viva la difference.


Anonymous said...

He has nice legs.


Anonymous said...

gag me with a spoon

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is the Cpl. Klinger guy???


Blue Heron said...

You know, I don't want to divulge that online, stop by and I can give you the (dare I say it?) skinny. Upstanding guy who I have worked with for over 20 years, I say he aint hurting anybody, looks great in pumps, who the hell am I to say or condemn. Don't find me any stale old verse from Leviticus either...

Hudgins said...

He has become quite a good friend of mine over the years and we have had many long (mostly conservative on his part) discussions while putting bales of hay and other assorted animal victuals in my little barn.

Think what you will of his particular fondness for heels and display of man cleavage, but he is fine fellow indeed who has stood up to ridicule from his church members and other folks of limited scope.

He has continued to support this little community we call Fallbrook and to grow his family and live his life well here while being subjected to small minded derision.

He has taught classes at UCSD on theatrical costumes and the relationship to cross-dressing and many other related topics.

He is a tough guy and a ex marine drill instructor.

Good thing he was as someone lesser would never have been able to stand up to Fallbrook's intolerance and juvenile giggling at a persons bit of survival.

In the end, may we all strive to be his moral equal when the truth be told.


Blue Heron said...

The bales of hay line was a bit less than opaque, Hudg. I wasn't going there. But now I guess the feed is out of the barn. I had no idea about the UCSD teaching angle - I think I am too prudish to have ever broached the subject with him. Leslie has sild him apparel for years. He is a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of --. We used to have conversations about cross dressing when he delivered in my “previous life.” I told him I had no problem with his cross dressing as long as he did not have a better wardrobe than his wife. He thought that was pretty funny.