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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Finished the show tonight. Leslie came by and helped me break down. Did a little business today so everything is cool. It was a beautiful show with great dealers that unfortunately lacked enough attendance. Some of my colleagues ate the big one.

We decided to have dinner afterwards at Creola, pretty much my favorite meal in the Bay Area. Honest Louisiana cooking without pretension. We have been eating there for years, and have introduced many of our friends to the place, many of them now falsely claiming that they told us about it.

The owner, Edwin Caba, originally cooked at Loews in Coronado. He has always treated us so well and like family. He has also introduced us to some great wine labels over the years.

Tonight I had the special, featuring duck confit in a brown cajun gravy and rice. Leslie had the Big Easy, a red drum and asparagus dish. We both had their nice house salad, with mandarin oranges and goat cheese. Normally we get their blue note salad and the phenomenal filet or the creme brulee bread pudding. Their pork chop is also fantastic. As is the shrimp and fennel bisque.

 Definitely check out Creola for a taste of New Orleans. Another lovely evening, have to admit it was a great week for food, we drive home in the morn.


Anonymous said...

i know you don't watch tv, nonetheless i urge you to audition for the Food Network, as you would be perfect as one of the judges on Iron Chef or Chopped; i can picture you sitting alongside Jeffrey Weingarten, etc, throwing in art, musical and literary references as you critique the food...


Anonymous said...

You could call your show "Art for the Artery."