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Friday, March 12, 2010

Those are the questions I need you to reask...

Meg Whitman, the corporate wonk behind Ebay currently running for the governorship of California, appears to be having a little problem with the "town hall" concept. Somebody brought a video camera into one of her free exchanges of information and discovered that the whole thing was scripted and staged.

Why do I feel extremely worried about this woman as a leader of the Golden State? Didn't George Bush show us how an executive with real world business experience could right our ship?

Jerry Brown is looking better and better. Say what you want about Moonbeam, he has been remarkably solid in a long career of public service. Law and order guy in Oakland, governor that started solar credits, boinked Ronstadt, dad was a guvnah. Isn't it time to try a democrat?


Sanoguy said...

Hey, what was wrong with Gray Davis, I ask??? Meg seems like a nice lady but I don't think she understands that California is nearly ungovernable with so many special interests and a legislature that is fractured and barely functional. The Gov only has power over a minority of the State employees and that is where the real costs are.

I think Moonbeam is probably a good choice, although he is yesterday's news. I like the part about him boinking Linda R. best!!!

I wish we could actually go back to Jerry's dad, Pat Brown. That is a guy who could make things happen.

Blue Heron said...

I detested Gray Davis. For one he was a pawn of the prison guards union. Secondly, reportedly, his parole board appointees forced crippled people in wheelchairs to physically climb up the courthouse steps sans wheelchairs to attend their hearings.

My father was an early supporter of Gray, had a party for him at his house one time, but was really good buds with Pat Brown.

I don't think Arnold has been so bad, he has made some difficult decisions in difficult times.

Unknown said...


Sanoguy said...

We differ on this one. Gray Davis' big downfall was the electricity crisis of 2001-2002. He was blamed for that. We found out that Bush's buddies at Enron manipulated the market and Davis took the heat for it. I think that it was the biggest reason for his ultimate political demise.

He may have been overly generous to the prison guards, however, they had been a neglected minority. And who would want to be a prison guard anyway? You certainly could not pay me enough to do that job.

I find Arnold to be a very likable guy, however, he has been all over the map philosophically. You never quite know where he is going to come from.

The key problem goes back to one of my original points: CA has become ungovernable... due to many reasons. I am a 3rd generation Californian and I grew up in the heyday of the State, the 50s and 60s, and it pains me greatly seeing what we are going through and anticipating what may be down the road.

Anonymous said...

Yea, the Dems have done a fine job
governing the state. Its time to dilute your Kool aid if you think a recycled Moonbean can fix CA's problems. At least Meg has created jobs and could hope to offset the ineffective, wacko legislature that destroys jobs and chases business from CA.
Sanoguy said it...this state and legislature is barely functional and you want more of the same?
Moonbean as gov. is putting another fox in the henhouse. Hopefully the Dems can do better.