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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Report Card

I know that politics is said to be the art of the possible and yet I still can not squelch a nagging irritation with the Obama Administration. Our President is proving to be a pragmatic incrementalist at best and at worst, just another prevaricating lawyer politician.

Today, Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that the NSA's practice of wireless wiretapping without court approval is illegal. This behavior by the government, which was instituted in the last regime and which has has been quietly continued by our President, the constitutional law expert, is contrary to tenets we have long held sacred in regards to the right to privacy and against illegal search.

Yesterday Obama, contrary to his stated views prior to the election, announced that he is opening vast regions of America's coastline up for offshore oil drilling. We can argue the merits of drilling at some other time, my question is, why the post election conversion?

Justice Department attorneys went to court this week trying to justify Bush Administration Don't ask, don't tell policies. This after he has publicly repudiated the doctrine.

The President seems determined to keep us embroiled in an interminable conflict in Afghanistan, where we have recently given a wink to Karzai's corrupt administration and his heroin dealing little brother.

I have mentioned in prior posts his unfortunate hardening and mixed signals on marijuana law reform. Last week, his office took a hardline stance against legalization and decriminalization. This after his big soliloquy about respecting state laws in regards to medical marijuana policy.

He instituted a health care plan that lacks a single payer option, bowing to anti abortionists and blue dogs in his party, yet promises to increase the costs for the elderly and is apparently so poorly written that the insurance companies are already figuring out ways to deny coverage to children.

His underlings have done a swell job rescuing big banks and large financial institutions, but haven't done a damn thing for Main Street or to provide jobs for the American worker in what has become essentially a jobless recovery.

I thought that we had a candidate who advocated for change. It appears that we have instead elected a man comfortable continuing the status quo, tossing his core constituents to the curb in order to placate his opposition and show everybody what a great centrist he is.

I am afraid that our President is trying to be all things to all people. The question then has to be asked, does he stand for anything?


NYSTAN said...

Your pretty flower on the masthead....beautiful.

I still think BO is the smartest man in the room. It takes a second to destroy a civilization and eternity to create a good one. Considering what that jackass Bush did in 8 years, we are lucky we have any law and order left. You should cut him some slack. The new healthcare package is going to cost big business plenty and he still got it passed. It is a great step forward, all things considered. And as for the 'bailout' the alternative would have had us standing in breadlines with unemployment double what it is now.

WildBill said...

Not that it changes anything, but this editorial about Obama by conservative David Brooks is well worth the read.

NYSTAN said...

Thanks Bill-Brooks is smart and when he sticks to politics, I like the guy for being measured, like in this piece. One smart opinion in a sea of ignorance has to change something....just not much. Lots of grain of sand.

Blue Heron said...

I agree with you both about Brooks. He always seems like a genuine honest referee. Unfortunately he has little credibility with his own party being a) moderate, b) jewish, and c) from New York.They will kick the Brooks and the Bloombergs' of their world to the curb at the first party unity crossburning.

Anonymous said...

Robert, Lighten up. There is nothing we can do about the Government.


North County Film Club said...

I agree with NYSTAN and the editorial by David Brooks was great. I don't always agree with Obama but I think he's doing his best in a really difficult situation. Is Brooks the only reasonable, intelligent Republican left in this country? It sure would be embarrassing to be a Republican these days.