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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arctic Blast

The good folks at John D'amato's Crooks and Liars were kind enough to pick up my blast "War on Poorand run with it today. I appreciate the ink from them, this is probably the fourth or fifth time they have given me the courtesy and it always exposes hundreds if not thousands of folks to my rants and writing. My feedjit widget is currently wheeling around like a drunken slot machine.

It also allowed me to reach my first denizen in the North Pole, if the widget can be believed. I don't usually indulge in too much self congratulatory back slapping but this milestone must be dutifully recognized. Also got a hit from some forgotten mountain in Indonesia where Shawn from Thailand is currently tooling around. And a hit from the cold barrens of Yellowknife.

So the Blast's slow crawl towards global domination continues to inch forward, finding it's way to the planet's loneliest nooks and crannies. Still can't get much traction in Africa, which either speaks to their good taste or possibly the lack of adequate bandwidth. But let me just say to my african brethren, the birthplace of our biped species, hakuna matata, I come in peace.

Thank you Crooks and Liars. And thank you, my faithful readers, no matter where you hail from.


Anonymous said...

I got this letter from Jim regarding my post on the unemployed:

Note paragraph that mentions saving thousands of government jobs.
Let them find a job in the private sector...like you and I...where is our 90% pension? Where is the balance between gov and private sectors?
In France government workers are striking because the administration wants to raise the retirement age to 62...get real!
Greece, France and CA...what's next the U.S.?


WildBill said...

Hi Robert,

I'm glad to see you back in form after that very dark "temporary" posting yesterday. If had your telephone number I might have called to see if you were alright. Since the posting has disappeared and a more pleasant entry now appears on the Blast, I will assume you have ascended once again from the depths of despair.