I don't think I have ever shared this uncropped original photograph before. Low resolution but still effective. I like how the tail curls around the girder.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whatever happened to Baby Jan?

It is not the normal everyday practice of the Blue Heron Blast to indulge in spurious ad hominem attacks or to point out aesthetic deficiencies in an individual's earthly vessel.

But doesn't Arizona Governor Jan Brewer embody the horror queen, homicidal, chain smoking, bourbon swilling archetype to a "T"?

I don't know if you have caught her act lately, but this salty old bitch wants a Texas cage match with all comers, including that foreign born president of ours, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

She says bring it on, vato, we'll settle this thing like they did in Tombstone, Arizona style.

She is scrapping for a tussle and from looking at that punum, I'd say she has been in her share of hatchet fights, so the Prez better bring his Cabrini Greens "A" game to this battle royale.

Last week she even dialed in her best inner Sherri Lewis and lamb chop, ridiculing the opposition with the always successful sock puppet routine. This one never fails to knock them dead in Prescott and Chandler.

She suspended the Arizona Attorney General from the defense of the new immigration bill. The day after Democrat Terry Goddard said that he was prepared to defend the new law against all comers. He had committed the graven offense of discussing the case with justice department officials.

She is itching for a fight and high noon is fast approaching. Let's see who's still standing when the smoke has cleared?


Anonymous said...

Jan Brewer is nothing without her Marlboro 100's a six pack of Miller High Life, a $1.99 bag of sunflower seeds, a pint of Old Crow, a coupon for the Colonel's new double breast and bacon sandwich, a pink S&W 22 loaded with hotshot, an economy pack of juicy fruit with sorbitol, a tall can of RedBull, a toilet warped Playgirl Magazine and a used up Crosswords Puzzle Digest, a pack of Slim Jims, a Big Lots $9.95 makeup kit, some old BIC shaver, a can of Barbisol, an extra pair of used crusty crotchless panties from the New Years office party, and a vendor machine pack of day glo rubbers from Nogales with her lover Jose's cell phone number on it.

Anonymous said...

Robert your outlook on the world from what I read on your blog now and then is progressing nearer to the deep end I sometimes think.......Read my medical news I'm sending and try to be more understanding of us that sometimes might not agree with you..I admire Arizona's Gov. and Meg Whitman too..We're a larger group that you suspect perhaps....Best Fred