Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stephen Strasburg, Superstar

The most hyped and possibly greatest pitching prospect of all time makes his major league debut tonight. The Washington Nationals' Stephen Strasburg took the mound against the Pittsburgh Pirates this evening with his nasty 100 mph stuff.

Washington could use a messiah. Strasburg seems to be the real deal. It is the second inning as I write and he has retired the first six batters. This San Diego State product might be the greatest thing to come around since Roy Hobbs, or at least Joe Charbonneau.

The Nationals deserve a break. Hope that he stays healthy and has a productive career. The sky is the limit to his potential. But then again we heard the same thing about Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood. The hardest thing is to stay healthy. We may see history made with this guy, a phenom with an arm that might rank up there with Feller, Duren and Ryan's.

Good luck Stephen!