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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Seligman Train
What a train wreck this year is turning out to be, here in the United States and globally. Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Zika, Trump. Make it stop, Mommy.

The next six months should at least be entertaining, in a sick way. The Donald implosion will be legendary.

Firing your campaign manager at this stage of the game means the candidate thinks that he is in big trouble.

I run center left, also harbor the occasional conservative perspective, what can I say? But the post Orlando talk from the White House and Justice Department reminds me an awful lot of once when we were told that people in Libya were most upset over a movie. So opaque with the spin.

Girl with shawl

It has been very difficult without Nigel, our cat of nine or ten years. We are a small family and his absence hurts. I look for that familiar dark spot at my feet at night but it's not there. I carefully open the front door, waiting for the cat who has left us to jump out in the afternoon. Miss the cat who took such a delight in walking across our card games, rolling over so we could pet his white spot.

Leslie used to have an elderly surrogate Aunt who was in the silent movies and lived in Hollywood with her two little dogs, dogs that would often piss on the carpet. And worse.

And I used to think that she couldn't smell it, because she was old. But now that I am older what I realize is that she smelled it and didn't care because she was old and they were old and nobody was giving up on anybody.

We've both been hit very hard. Just a cat, some would say...Not just a cat, my friend. One of our favorite beings. Not quite sure how to proceed. Joan lost her cat and Corrie her dog. The terrible season.

It was Buzz's birthday on the nineteenth. I couldn't get a hold of him for a couple days and felt a weird vibe. Turns out that the day I felt strange was the day the tech fucked up his dialysis and sent him into a critical downspin. So glad that he is feeling better.

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North County Film Club said...

I'm so sorry about your friend, Nigel. One of my cats, Chloe, is 20 tears old. She has kidney problems, as most old cats have, and is not long for this world. It's going to be hard to lose her after 20 years. She was found, with her litter mates behind the old Wayside Cafe 20 years ago. It's always so hard to lose a pet that it makes me not want to get anymore but living without one is impossible. I hope you find one as good as Nigel after your mourning period.