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Monday, June 27, 2016

Culture Wars

SCOTUS has spoken. A Texas law that was designed to keep women from exercising reproductive choice but pretended with a big wink to actually care about their physical health has been soundly beaten. And I'm sorry red states, the state of the Culture War isn't looking real good for you right now. 

Your presumptive candidate is losing in the polls by double digits and there will be at least one seat opening up for the next president, two if recent reports are accurate and Thomas decides that it is more fun to run around the country with his wife Ginny in the R.V.. Going to get a little lonely on the right side of the bench.

National polls have been clear for some time, the American majority supports abortion rights by at least six percentage points. Deal with it. Stop treating women who choose as victims of the big, bad abortion industry. They are smarter than that and I think have a better handle on their ability to parent than the government does. 

First Obergfell and the gay marriage decision, now this. If cultural and demographic trends continue, your power will wane like a gibbous moon. Time to get in step with the rest of us over here in the twentieth century.

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