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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I'm not apoplectic about the prospect of Trump becoming President like some of my friends, who are just positively unhinged at the thought of the reality tv schmuck running the nation's show.

I really hope it won't happen but we have suffered and come back from worse as a nation. I have been pretty apolitical this season but have been leaning Hillary big time considering the alternatives.

I think that she will make a good President. I think she is ready and competent and no more or less honest than any other politician. Still there is cause for worry. A new book shows her hands all over the early architecture of the Iran deal.

I disagree with her big time on some major areas of foreign policy. But I think that she will make a better President than people can imagine. Tough, bright woman. Not sure why she engenders the extreme ire of certain people.

Trump said that she didn't look "presidential" which I think was a way to point out the obvious fact that she has a vagina, a clear differentiation from the past residents of the White House.

Heard an interview yesterday with Weld, Gary Johnson's Libertarian Party VP running mate. That is a nice ticket of two former governors. But polls show that it siphons off dem votes and swings the national election four points Trump's way. So people need to be careful and not throw their vote away because it will elect a lying pitchman con man that will show the rest of the world and much of the galaxy that we are absolutely fucking nuts. And it could easily happen.

I'm happy that California went so big for Hillary. She needed a little tailwind, a little help, since Bernie had eroded her support with his attack from the flank. See you Bernie, you almost did it. We were this close to becoming the new Norway.


Jon Harwood said...

We are very confused in this country, we think the Presidential election is about selecting the Messiah. Ha Ha, students of US history can remember that the Rube Goldberg contraption called the Federal government was carefully designed to make it very difficult for a tyrant or a messiah to be effective. There are too many ways to stop an initiative. So, for example, if Trump gets elected he will not be able to pull a lever and cause a wall to arise magically on the border. Boring party poopers in Congress have many ways to dilute, divert and simply obfuscate. Seems each time we elect a Messiah the poor S.O.B. winds up spending most of his, or her, time explaining why the fishes and loaves miracle didn't work.

Anonymous said...

H.R. Hilarious 'is ready and competent and no more or less honest than any other' resident of Leavenworth. She's going to be indicted, for Christ's sake! This is worse than Watergate. She had a State Dept. employee, paid by the government, running her own mini government server in her basement!! This is a born again plumber about to be convicted and sentenced for high treason. If Loretta Lynch let's this go impeachment is on the table. Both for her and her Kenyan crony.

As for Hilarious' California primary, she got hundreds of thousands less votes than she did in '08. Some momentum. Bill Clinton NEVER GOT 50% OF THE NATIONAL VOTE!! More than half the country never wanted these clowns in the White House. You're expecting his amateur politician wife to do better??

She is praying for a Ross Perot to come out of the woodwork. More than likely it will be Bernie going rogue, as an independent. You can't expect him to spend a year of his life on the National scene then fade back into the back bench of 'independent senator from Vermont'. This is what he was made for. He is Nader writ large!

I'm here to tell you........The Donald will cruise to victory.

North County Film Club said...

great post. i totally agree. the commenter above scares me. too many like him. it amazes me that anyone could possibly be for trump.