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Friday, June 3, 2016

Red fox resting

For those of you who are getting tired of nature shots, I suppose I should apologize.

I have an awful lot of photographs to process and sort through so you will just have to bear with me.

I love these pictures of the fox. Such a beautiful creature!

I got the Blast t-shirts in and they look really good. Sold one to Ricardo in Thailand and Doug in New York yesterday.

Ken bought the first one. Michael in Burlingame sent me his twenty in the mail. Going out today, Mike.

Might come close to recouping my funds but who cares? I am quickly running out of the large blue sizes. Might have to send some of you the charcoal which is just as nice. Or wait until I reorder.

My poor wife came down with serious altitude sickness up there and is battling major cluster headaches. I feel terrible for her and hope that she feels better soon.

Tom Pecore painted the door and wall next to my shop while I was gone and it was much appreciated. Looks good, Tom.

Funny, before I left I got into a couple altercations that while not resulting in fisticuffs, got a little bit chippy. No intention on my part but the vibes had been getting awful weird. Guy at Radio Shack that I somehow enraged and then a man in front of the liquor store near the Thai place. Something about me just rubbing the people the wrong way. What's that old saying, if you are running into assholes all day maybe you're the asshole? Possible.

Hopefully we have turned a corner. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Sommers rubbing somebody wrong?.....impossible!!! 😮

Sanoguy said...

Another saying that might work: if the shoe fits, put it on!


Anonymous said...

Just keep rubbing right or wrong. Joke them if they can't take a fuckin.
Deli guy,

Ken Seals said...

I can understand... Hanging around with you would give anyone attitude sickness :-) :-)