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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Let's be frank, I take lots of pictures. Not to some of your satisfaction evidently, but we can talk about that some other time. And I should let you know, Google only gives you so much space, which I guess I must admit is absolutely free. Tough to bitch about free stuff.

In any case in the old days you could specify how many weeks of material you wanted to keep live on the screen but alas, no more. The old days are over. Now you get so many blogs on the screen and that's it. And so ladies and gentlemen, with great regret, the natives will soon be bumping Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons off these pages.

this photo makes a dandy screensaver. you have my permission...

You will have to look for them, go through the incredibly taxing job of hitting older posts or god forbid, putting "Yellowstone" in the search engine.

Of course some of you still haven't figured out how to put www.blueheronblast.com in the URL bar. You older ones. You complain that I don't send you the blog, well, bookmark, follow or look for it. Sometimes I forget. It's not really too hard. Ask an eleven year old.

So to commemorate absolutely nothing except my love for my wife and the rest of you, I am going to flood the blog with extra pictures of recent vintage, that never quite made the initial cut, for whatever reason, unless somebody calls uncle.

The Pow Wow of course was mind blowing for me, being a visual and tribal type.

And one can't have a native dance without pretty girls and a drum circle.

Oh Yellowstone, how do I ( I do) miss your crisp clear air, your teeming Chinese hordes...

Why is it so darn hard to get you out of my head?

Man has it been a good and satisfying year for me. Business has been pretty good, I have a great wife, great friends and I have been scratching my artistic funny bone deep.

And there is so much more fun to come.

Thinking of starting another mosaic novel with a few writers. Have talked to one. We used to do that on this blog, a long time ago.

Utah next.

Once again, thanks for reading and appreciating what I am putting out there. Boy do I love you.


Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

May I participate in your mosaic novel? Overflow photos are great.

Blue Heron said...

Absolutely, yes.

Ken Seals said...

Love them all. And, I have the URL in my tool bar. The email reminder was nice, too :-)

Anonymous said...

Info on novel?? How does it work? Interested. Still want my shirt. Saw an R. Crumb show in Seattle. Very cool.
Deli Guy.