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Saturday, June 25, 2016


My attempts to shoot the Strawberry Moon last week were not real fruitful and I heard plenty about my deficiencies from the experts over on the astro forum. But I got some tips and was informed that it is much easier to shoot a partial moon. Shooting a full moon is like having a big strobe in front of an object that flattens everything out. You lose a lot of detail.

The moon was supposed to rise at 11:14 San Diego time but being stuck in a deep hole I didn't see the thing until well after midnight, and I was starting to lose some interest. As condensation built p on my expensive camera rig, I thought about chucking it for a better night, since there was a lot of cloud cover obscuring the moon when it finally did show up.

All of these shots were taken with a Nikon D810. The lens was a Sigma 150-600m C. Focal length was between 450 and 600 and iso between 100 and 320.

You can't learn anything in this life without putting on some mileage. One of these days I will get it right.

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