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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shameless promotion

I know what you are thinking. I want to support the Blue Heron Blast, the online living room that delivers so much cool and free content in my life...but I'm an autumn and my skin tones just don't groove with the gray or the navy.

Well guess what blasters? Your problems are solved. We just got a new order of two dozen shirts in, designed by the inimitable Brett Stokes, in all the popular sizes, in basic black.

The first batch sold like hot cakes. And I'm no Marco Rubio, when I tell you this is the last order, I mean it.

Black is the new black as they say and you don't want to be caught dead on the street without one.

Send me twenty bucks and I'll write you name down for one, or two, as many as you want frankly. I pay the freaking domestic shipping.

From SOHO to Carnaby St. the sight of yours truly throwing heavenly thunderbolts is liable to impress even your most jaded peeps.

Model and batteries not included.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hold a black xxl for me. I'll get over to see you soon. Max H