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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1973 Sekine SHC - 276

My friend Wild Bill has just completed a wonderful restoration of a vintage Japanese road bike.

It was fairly thrashed when he got it, note the upright handlebars in the pics below, like my old red Schwinn english racer.

The manufacturer was named Sekine and they were once quite popular in Canada.

Originally a five speed, the 276 featured no front derailleur. Bill converted this one into a one speed and lost the fancy name plate on the rear wheel.

Sekine was an outfit that got its start in Japan, but in an effort to avoid high tariffs, partnered with Canadian and First Family companies, relocated to Canada in 1973. They were known for using quality components and with the exception of rims, parts were made out of alloys.

Bill is an artist and he did a fantastic job, which he does pretty much on everything he touches. Powder coated it, spiffed it from top to bottom.

Bill is an avid rider and I think he will be putting some miles on this one.

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Sanoguy said...

Beautifully done!