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Sunday, July 31, 2016

July terminates

I will be off on my annual pilgrimage soon to the Land of Disenchantment and out of radio commission.

So I guess I better spiel now, not that I got much in the quiver.

Today was bill pay day, after I first made a little deposit towards the account of "past karmic sins" to those good native americans over at Casino Pauma.

Had a nice breakfast there anyway. Didn't get scalped too bad.

I hate wasting a pretty postage stamp on the power company or the car mortgage people so I tend to put their stamps upside down in a feeble sign of protest. We all do what we can.

My four cents that I purportedly owed ATT ballooned up to twenty cents with interest and penalties this month and I decided to waste a stamp and pay it rather than incurring more exponential wrath. Sort of ridiculous.

Went to a liberal birthday party in Fallbrook last night. Dave and Robin played. Very well as usual.

The host and hostess had a very cool Trump piñata that people were encouraged to have their way with. I gave it a few whacks and split. Wouldn't feel comfortable eating candy that originated in his innards.

Californians, we're different. That is why we are here and you are there.

Wish me luck and I will wish you luck. Wait I will do it first. Good luck and dog bless.

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