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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bouncing around the room

Ethan Dean
Boy gets wish, becomes garbage man for a day. Awesome story, cool kid.

Great commercial, thanks Bill for sending. These Volkswagens are certainly tough.

If you are going to get pissed off at your partner and get out of the car, please don't do it at a safari park. You don't want to die mad.

These puritanical Bernie supporters are such boobs. Definitely doing the Donald a favor. Vote for Jill Stein, you idiots and then when you get the next Trump appointed Clarence Thomas overturning Roe V. Wade you can feel like you contributed.

Don't let the perfect interfere with the good.

Bernie supporters are like petulant babies, pouting because they can't have everything they want.

John Kerry did himself no favors when he recently said that the threat of climate change was just as bad as ISIS.

While that may in fact be true, this administration continually falls all over itself diminishing the magnitude of the threats of the islamic "jv" team. It looks to many like they are in fact covering for them.

Because the liberal conceit is that every culture is equally fantastic (except of course for the nazis in Tel Aviv) and that the few stragglers can be loved to death with some of Loretta Lynch's home cooking.

We couldn't be engaged in a struggle with a theology and culture that has sworn to destroy us, could we?

Siamak Namazi
And it looks like our buddies the Iranians have been playing a nice double game and harboring Al Qaeda.

Iran also recently arrested an Iranian American who was in fact a U.S. citizen who decided to visit relatives in the old country. Not the first time this has happened. Bad move.

Iran says if you have Iranian blood than you are an Iranian. And they don't respect a a lot of rights we take for granted, like right to change your religion and the right of free thought.

Poor guy. Not like Obama will do much to muddy the waters at this stage of the game.

And things aren't much better in Pakistan. Read this one.

I hope that Madame Hillary continues to have no qualms in calling islamic terrorism by its rightful name.

If Vladimir, Donald's bro-pal in Moscow, is actually responsible for pipelining DNC communications to the media in order to influence the election, it is a treasonous and nasty bit of news. What kind of quid pro quo will he demand if Trump gets elected? Although Obama pretty much signaled that he would look the other way too if Moscow decided it wanted the Ukraine back.

Peter Theil tells the world how proud he is to be gay at the GOP convention. Like me going to a KKK meeting and talking about my bar mitzvah.

You know who was really responsible for the Nice and Munich attacks? Well ex Georgia Democratic Congresswoman and Green Party member Cynthia McKinney does. Guess?

Funny that Obama was apoplectic about Netanyahu accepting an invitation to address Congress. Because according to a bipartisan Senate report, it turns out that at the same time we were spending big money in Israel to throw Netanyahu out of office through the NGO One Voice. Hypocrisy is a funny thing.
“The subcommittee found no evidence that OneVoice spent grant funds to influence the 2015 Israeli elections,” the report concludes. “Soon after the grant period ended, however, OneVoice used the campaign infrastructure and resources built, in part, with State Department grant funds to support V15.”
The Senate report also says the State Department “failed to take any steps to guard against the risk that OneVoice could engage in political activities using State-funded grassroots campaign infrastructure after the grant period.”

Finally I don't want to be that old guy always bitching about the wussified millennials so I offer the following study without editorial comment. Weak hands, weak minds, millennials losing grip.

and speaking of losing your grip...


Sanoguy said...

What would I do with Trump on the ledge.... Nothing..... With those little hands, he could not hold on too long.... I would wave adios, Amigo!

Anonymous said...

Just like all of the other whores in this world, I'd help him out for the right amount of money...

iODyne said...

apparently Trump is on record as saying about 25 years ago that if he ever ran, it would be as a member of the Republican Party because their voters are less informed/intelligent than Democrat voters. I wonder if there has been a Prez with multiple Ex-Wives? multiple historic bankruptcies? He obviously knows how to dig himself out of a hole.
Mrs Clinton appears to also have historic moral failures and is apparently 'not likable' but this little Aussie wonders why likeability needs to be an element in a leader.