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Friday, July 29, 2016

Farmer and Adele

 My longtime friends and neighbors Jerry and Adele have quite the house.

They used to have a tour and craft faire on the ranch every year billed as the Farmer and Adele.

Jerry is a retired high school math teacher and a very fine artist and craftsperson.

The house is a wonder. You have to cross a bridge over a waterfall to reach the living room.

A miniature train runs through the ceiling of nearly every room.

Sisyphus pushes a rock up on the south side, there is something similar on the east side.

Adele's profile is created by a classic illusion on another wall, her hair defined by the leafy sculpture.

A pile of letters spells out all the family members names including his daughter and her husband. If I remember correctly her name is Ashley so you should be able to figure out her husband's name.

And creates another illusion in the evening.

You meet some very far out and creative people out in the country!

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