Saturday, July 30, 2016

Great Googley Moogly.

Google has been very good to me. I have three google blogs that I am associated with, including this one. It is a free space for me to work in, unsupported by ads.

I have written or shared over six thousand posts in the last nine years with many wonderful readers, many of whom became friends.

I am now approaching 10 million Google views, whatever the hell that means.

And if Google wants, poof, it all vanishes in the wink of an eye.

Read this. Roxanne Gay wrote a nice piece today, the blog that disappeared. A poor sucker ran afoul of the gendarmes. Gone. No judge or jury, it is of course google's rules so we must take extra care to be especially nice to them.

I just backed up my entire Blue Heron Blast output in an XML file. If I croak or get deleted perhaps some poor future archaeologist will humor my memory and give it a look one day, presupposing that someone will still be able to read an XML file.

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