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Friday, July 22, 2016

Heading West

Last night I thought I would take my new neutral density filter to the Oceanside Pier to get some sunset shots. Things didn't quite work out, there was no parking anywhere on account of a street fair on Tremont. Since I was on the coast, I called a buddy Gary, one of my greatest allies and friends, and offered to buy him a steak dinner. He was ready to get a taco somewhere else but readily assented and drove over to meet me.

Gary and I have made each other some good money over the years. Very hard to function in my business without relying on people that you can trust. I can trust him.

So we headed over to West Steakhouse in Carlsbad, not the Bistro, the fancy one. The place is pricey, but top notch. Staff is excellent, food is excellent, wouldn't want to spend a lot of time picking the meal apart.

We both ordered absolute greyhounds, his of the salted dog variety. I ordered a cowboy bone in rib chop medium rare with two sauces, bernaise and a peppercorn reduction I think. You pay extra for the sauces at West. Perfectly cooked brussel sprouts and truffle potatoes.

Gary asked them if they had any of that fine Kobe Wagyu beef that he remembered from a previous visit? The kind that gets regular massages and spa treatments before it makes the ultimate sacrifice? The server said that they in fact did but that the culinary extravagance was not listed on the regular menu.

It was at that point that I interjected. "You know I told my friend that I was buying and that he could order anything he wanted so mind you this question is purely academic, but just how much is that overcoddled cut of beef?"

"Ninety five dollars."

If I winced I think it was only a passing moment of pain. I don't think I did. I didn't have a second thought in any case, as I said Gary has been very good to me. Now my own steak was certainly not cheap but I have never paid close to a c note for a steak, even at the foofy places in Vegas.

He loved it. Turns out that the cow in question was not only regularly massaged, the massages usually had a happy ending and it was then finally dispatched while at the height of full coital rapture. The richly marbled steak was literally coursing with happy dopamines.

My friend was happy, I was happy, the cow was apparently happy, a very happy meal.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like one hell of a steak Blue. I might have stop in try one. It's been a long time, but it wouldn't be the first that I've paid a c note for full coital rapture...JH

Anonymous said...

95 bucks!
I wonder if the clouds saw you???
I liked the five dollar burrito you bought me.......