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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Doonesbury was great today.

Sort of a strange day. My phone went into a spaz attack and wouldn't stop talking gibberish. Couldn't shut it down, turn if off, thought about smashing it with a hammer.

Went to ATT and they had no clue, sent me to San Diego to the warranty center. They managed to fix it but my day was shot so I decided it could only be repaired with a little nearby dim sum.

Tore through the dishes like General Sherman tore through Atlanta, left far fewer prisoners.

I heard recently that the most consumed vegetable for toddlers is now the french fry. Very sad but then we have all seen infant's bottles filled with coca cola so who can be surprised?

Talked to a friend the other day whose life with his new girlfriend has been short circuited somewhat since they now find themselves raising her grandchildren because her daughter is binging on meth.

Unbelievable. Or not unbelievable I should say, because you hear the same story all the time. The failed generation.

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