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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ged's Bakery and Cafe

We have a new bakery in Fallbrook at the site of the old Cafe Primo/Espresso Lounge. My god it has been through so many different  owners and managers, it is frankly hard to keep track. All I know is that I have been drinking my morning coffee at one incarnation or another of this location for the last ten years or so.

This time it is different. It is a really good bakery. No more retread pastries from Costco. Not a red headed stepchild of a restauranteur's food empire or a passing fancy for a real estate broker.

Place has only been open a few weeks and I love it. Because the food is so good, at least the baked goods that I have tried are fantastic. Haven't stopped in for lunch yet.

Owned by husband and wife John and Geraldine (aka Ged), the baker, this establishment has some of the most superb and creative pastries you will find anywhere. This morning I had a banana oatmeal muffin. They made it the first day and I have been bugging them to make it again. They did.

This morning they let us sample the new blueberry bourbon pastry. Out of this world.

And the list goes on and on, peach and strawberry danish, cream cheese filled croissant, homemade bagels, so much more.

Coffee is a little different, not sure that I am down with it yet but they are trying. A little strong for me. I sort of favor Peet's Kenyan AA.

Restaurant is clean and fresh. I hope that you will give them a try. If you are not happy with anything talk to the owners and they will gladly listen and try to make it right.

Ged's Bakery and Cafe's food is so beautiful I have been taking pictures of it.

food porn


Sanoguy said...

Food porn is right!

Anonymous said...

Nice, Robert. I agree but need them to step up on the coffee - sugar free flavors ­čśÇ

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Nancy, Barbara and I had lunch there last week and the food was excellent. They'll get the service
straightened out with a little time. Great addition to downtown Fallbrook.