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Monday, September 5, 2016

Trump über Alles

Can't wait for the national election to be over? Well who can? Here's a link to an election clock so that we can count down the seconds together.

Of course minds are pretty much made up already. Don't think anybody is going to change their opinion, even after the debates. You loathe one or the other, or both.

I have at least three friends that will be voting for the Donald. Lance says that Trump hates the banks, that Hillary loves the banks and that we need a shakeup in this country. The outsider "wild card" who will shake things up.

What I see is a guy that seems to lie one hundred percent of the time. A rich kid who has really done nothing but leave disaster in his wake. A man who believes in nothing except power.

 Lewandowski was trying to explain the infinite amount of pivots on immigration, you know the ones that Giuliani said illustrated the candidate's range and breadth? Cory L says that Trump needed to solidify the red meat base first and that after they are firmly back in the fold, he will then soften the message.

The question is, where does reality enter the fold? What does he actually think, what is the real policy? Or is that too much to ask? The guy had a dream. A dream to buy the presidency, maybe he is poised to win a bet with his pals on just how stupid his fellow citizens are?

I guess what scares me the most or one of the things anyway, is this ideology testing he is advocating. Shades of Joe McCarthy and the House Un American Committee. I wonder if I would pass the test, I sort of doubt it. Bring on the thought police. As American as Father Coughlin.


Then there was the story of the non disclosure, non defamation clause that every Trump volunteer has to sign. For perpetuity. Forget Putin, jump straight to Stalin. And he wants every government worker to sign it too if and after he gets elected. great way to keep discipline in the ranks. Wow. Where are we again? Kazakhstan?

Who has this guy not sued? Thirty five hundred lawsuits and counting. Talk about using your money as a bludgeon or cudgel. But the lawsuit against the Miss America finalist who found evidence that the pageant was rigged takes the cake.

And it goes on and on. The guy is just a bully born with a silver spoon in his mouth who has wreaked a trail of havoc everywhere he has walked. Read this article in Vice and you might come away thinking that the apple fell not far from the tree. Was his Daddy really in the KKK?

I know Michele Bachman says that god anointed Trump, I can only say God help us. I tell you what, I will own all the stupid shit that President Hillary does, if you vote for Trump, and he wins, you be willing to own what comes next.

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