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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Isak Lindenauer

Isak Lindenauer is not only a friend, he has been a leading purveyor of antiques in the Bay Area for over forty years. He is a specialist in the arts and crafts period and known nationally for both his fine eye and scholarly approach and for his dedication to the aesthetic period that he loves.

I am proud to say that he has been a role model for me in many ways and I have always appreciated his slavish dedication to those objects of finery that he considers the best.

What I didn't know until very recently that Isak had a website. I just read his seventh essay, which is a magnum opus and look back at a life well lived as well as a curious tale of a crime committed way back in 1882 by a poor dutch craftsman.

Isak is also a poet and has been active in the Rainbow Walk and gay rights movement for many decades. Like me he has battled serious health issues but has managed to keep them at bay. A sensitive renaissance man with a big heart and a great mind. Privilege to know him.

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