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Friday, September 9, 2016

Thank you sir, may I have another...

Still pretty chill from yesterday. Shame to bum things out with politics. Will try to be brief.

I got a ranty email from a trumpy friend this morning.
Well...... Robert you can thank your man?, obama and hillary for obama care! Instead of going after the root causes health care, gouging , fraud, ten dollar aspirins, etc,etc! Never was there talk about reducing health care from the top down, just more tax and doubling of insurance rates.
You've heard of the military-industrial complex, how about the pharmaceutical-insurance-medical complex?
Not sure you can visit Obama's supposed sins on his replacement. But you go right ahead M. I think that M was using my recent bitching about my botched health insurance as an opportunity to take a shot at Hillary, who he absolutely despises.

I think that it is all on Obama. Obamacare was a grand experiment with great goals but it is not working structurally. Not enough healthy people premiums to take care of the sick people premiums, broken government reimbursement promises, I'm not going to totally dissect it right now but it was constructed on the fly with bobby pins and scotch tape and the craft is now taking on a lot of water. More and more companies are fleeing the exchanges.

And like so much from this President, you have to wonder if it will be sustainable in the future? This program, which surely was the least thought out and most poorly conceived and wrought social program in history?

Obama has labeled himself as a transformational president. Transformational people tend to have outsized egos and major messianic complexes. They do everything on their own, with their perfect vision, and alienate friend and foe alike.

The problem with the godlike is that mere mortals usually have to come back around to clean up their mess. Of course the architect then has a failsafe out, blame someone else for improper implementation, I did my part, etc.

Of course any sane person would have similar doubts about the grand Obama enchilada, the Iran deal.  Sustainable, you tell me? There have been 31 incidents of harassment with Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf so far this year, up from 23 in all of 2015. Contrary to the genius's in the administration, it has been estimated that the Iranians have sponsored Hamas and Hezbollah to the tune of $100,000,000 and not used the money to rebuild their economy as was forecast. They are still committed to foment all sorts of mischief.

Anybody want to take bets on this one working out?

Not sure why the administration continues to defend the deal so vigorously. You won, get over it. Nobody else has to like it or not believe that it will lead to certain disaster down the road.  Its your deal, for better or for worse.

By the way, I think Donald Trump has nearly the same disease of conceit, just not so well hidden.


And then there is the big tiger in the room, China. China has been rapacious in gobbling up its neighbor's historical seas and building artificial islands of late. Obama took time out from his apology tour of Laos to tell the people in the region that they had his assurances and total commitment in their fight against the neighborhood bully. Good luck on that.

Obama calls his strategy to give up on the middle east and concentrate on Asia the big pivot. Once the people of that other region had his assurances and total commitment. But he got tired of them. Pivot here, pivot there.

Clinton is on record as being against ratification of the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership, which excludes China. So another Obama baby might soon crumble into dust.

I have had it up to here with the current administration. John Kerry launched into another one of his  "don't talk about the terrorists and maybe they will go away" talks the other day. Some pissant in the Philippines calls our leader the "son of a whore" and the Prez goes and shakes his hand the next day. We seem to spend an inordinate amount of time pissing all over ourselves.

Much of our own military despises our leader (Trump has a 19 point lead with active military) and he has tied their hands operationally in many different ways in his desire to be absolutely politically correct.

Bill Clinton was a realist who made alliances and got things done. He demanded a certain respect internationally and I think that Hillary will as well. I look forward to a day when our country is respected again and is not such a timorous mouse.

Obama was clear the other day about Colin Kaepernick's constitutional right to protest. Democracy is messy or something like that, he said. All for it.

He didn't mention the pig in a police hat socks. And I thought, way to support law enforcement in this country. And thought a bit about these poor innocent people. Killed or seriously wounded in the last few weeks. Of course there are plenty more.

Officer Clint Corvinus, senselessly killed by a thug in Alamogordo.

Or Officer Nigel Benner, killed in Rio Rancho. Same story. How about a word for him?

Or these two:

Officers Toamalama Scanlan and Juanita Davila, shot by a visitor to a prison in Fresno who got mad because they wouldn't let him cut in line.

A visitor who had done over a decade for rape and then was released when Laos wouldn't take him back. Anybody thinking about these poor cops? Did they have it coming, Colin? Barack?


Douglas Keller said...

Way too easy to find fault with Presidents nowadays. Their jobs are insanely complex. So complex, in fact, that I believe that it's time to convene a new constitutional convention, and re-structure our government along new, more circumscribed lines of responsibility. When the current Constitution was put into place, the federal government was super small. Its taxes amounted to pretty much what it could collect from various shipping levies. Our military was mostly a little navy...tasked with keeping our ships safe, and collecting said taxes. Not a bad job for a single dude. Now, fast-forward to the modern society. Come on, Robert...its not good reading when a poster is just an advocate of a narrow range of pet issues.

Blue Heron said...

Please point me to a blog that takes on a wider set of topics, Douglas?

Douglas Keller said...

Sorry...I was a little sloppy there: I didn't mean to appear to impugn the entire blog (which I read regularly and enjoy)....just the politics posts (which I sort of enjoy, too....just less so due mostly to the Iran stuff.

Anonymous said...

Obama got rid of medical pre-existing. I guess M is ok with bringing back insurance with pre-existing clauses.

Obama hunted down Bin Laden, something Bush could not do.

Blue Heron said...

You can promise people anything, anonymous, the underlying structural system has to be able to support the expenditures.