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Friday, September 9, 2016

It was a wild world.

This story today from Live Science just blows my mind. Earth is what four and a half billion years old?

We have lost 10 % of our wilderness in this world since 1990. Twenty six years. 3.3 million sq km of wilderness, down the drain.

Imagine a tape four and a half billion inches long, everything going great, irrespective of a few plagues, floods and comets. Then Wham!

Look at how fast we fucked it all up, right at the end. We are wreaking havoc with incredible speed.

And that is what kills me about the Inhofes, the Bachmanns, the climate change deniers.

They are so easily bought, or part of a self fulfilling end times strategy.  By the time they figure it out, if ever, it is/we are already too far gone.

Ten percent of wilderness gone will have profound tertiary effects all the way down the line, less trees producing oxygen, hotter weather, rising tides.

Better start drinking again.

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