Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blast readership photos from 2016

Echinops and Bee - Pat Campbell
Big Game, Fallbrook - R. McHargue
Mud girls - Don Perry

KJ - Jasmine Johnson
Picture Perfect - Kerry Brown

Poipu - Terry Schurmeier
Michelin Man - Kerry Johnson
Marley - Michael Evans

Harper - Michael Loughlin
Ralph Chaney

Mekong River Sunset - Ron Holder

La Jolla Abstract - Ray Fedorchak
It is time for the end of year photographic round up. Please if you would, send me a shot or two you took from the past year. They can be pretty, ugly, good, bad, funny, sad, any emotion or message you choose to express. I think that I will forego finishing my own greatest hits package, getting a bit busy with other matters.

Chicken fried steak - Cam Wilde
Reach down and send me something wonderful. I will keep adding until the end of the year.

 Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner, India - Helen McHargue

Luang Prabang Streetscene - Lena Leichtling

Scott Bolhack

Oak at Heller's Bend - Jon Harwood

Red Rocks - Mike Reardon

Mike Reardon
Granville Public Market, Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. Canada - Bill Olson

Gary Lang

Steve Saylor

Renée Ingold
Lou Nidorf

Boyfriends - Elizabeth Norris

Building hoodie- Ex Cavallerizza, Lucca Italy - Michael Stutz

Cam Wilde

Frisbee as blood sport - Shawn Mayes
Fleas Navidad - Roy Cohen
Barbara Aplington

Four years worth, Noreen Ring
Grandkids - Buzz Sommers
East Cape -Jerry Hall
Ken Seals
Dominick Grossi
Contax 645 with Phase One P45+ digital back, shot in Glacier National Park, Montana.- Kip Peterson

Hawaii - Mark Sublette
Mark Sublette
Myanmar - Kent Borsch
Kent Borsch
Seven Sisters Points, Baja - Jerry Hall

Pla - Ricardo Neuman

wtf - Brett Stokes


Sanoguy said...

Talented folks!

island guy said...

This annual feature of the Blast really adds to a feeling of a community of readers. Love the mixture of pros and total amateurs.

Blue Heron said...

I agree with you.