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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Extending the branch

With the recent election, this is a difficult time for some people and obviously a happy time for others.

Many of my liberal friends confess to not being able to turn on the news or open a newspaper on account of some new GOP horror or draconian nominee.

Conservatives are gleeful at the prospect of turning around a democratic tide and commandeering at least two and maybe three branches of our government.

Although I count myself as a liberal centrist, many of my friends and readers are quite conservative and some say that they voted for Trump grudgingly or said that their support was more of an anti Hillary vote than an endorsement of the man himself. Others were totally on board.

I would like to ask those of you who did vote for Trump or decided to vote for Gary Johnson to send me a note explaining why you feel optimistic about the President elect's forthcoming term and why? I promise to keep you completely anonymous and not to out you in any way, even if I see you at a cocktail party or casually on the street.  My gmail is at bottom left.

Not too optimistic that I will get any takers but if nearly half of you voted for the guy, I would like to know for what reason and also know in what specific ways you think he will improve our nation and world. Why you feel good about a Trump presidency. Would really appreciate the feedback. I will publish but not divulge. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I think main stream Republicans are in crisis mode. The same people
who felt outrage at the way this man acted, and spoke of others, are
now cautiously optimisitic about him. The future of the party is in
his hands, and so far he shows no sign of making it through his stunted
adolescence. Nervous is the Republican Party, as is the entire world.

So, your point "...send me a note explaining why you feel optimistic
about the President elect's forthcoming term and why?" is one of great
interest to me.

While standing in line at Costco a week or so ago, a familiar man joined
me to wait for the store to open. Trump came up after a few minutes of
small talk. He is a person who is towing the party line - not a Trumper.
He said "You know, I think he might just do a good job." I bit my tongue,
and simply nodded in a polite manner. Had I decided to engage him I would
have asked him "Based on what evidence would you come to such a conclusion?"

I appreciate your blog for giving very good people the opportunity to
explain their optimism.

Anonymous said...

The easiest way for me to comment is to copy my email that was sent to my friends shortly after the conventions.
I do have to say that following the election I am so weary of those continuing to fight the results, especially celebs. Why do those who have achieved fame and fortune feel that they have become wise...or that we care!

Those who know me, understand that I like to have my say. But on the
plus side, I don't hold grudges or let conflicting world views affect
my friendships. So here goes...

The political conventions are concluded and the time has come to make
a choice about the direction of our country. I have voted in every
election since I came of age (a very long time ago). I've voted
Democrat; I've voted Republican; and I've been registered Independent
for many years.

I've come to know that I am, as an adult, deeply conservative in my
world view. The romantic notion that "Progressive" leadership can
effect long-term positive change has been proven a dangerous notion.
Liberals across the globe have left their nations in debilitating
debt; making promises that are impossible to keep while weakening the
individual's drive to provide for their own prosperity. Liberalism's
favored weapon of "political correctness" attempts to suffocate debate
and has left us with a generation of youths unable to tolerate
divergent opinions. They flee on our college campuses to "safe zones"
where PC reigns supreme.

I'm looking for a leader with vision. One who is not enamored with
the trappings of power. One who has an executive resume and will hire
the very best for the cabinet and top government jobs. One who will
work 24/7 for four to eight years on whittling down big government and
restoring our depleted military. One who is not pre-purchaed by the big
banks and foreign nations.

I've often said that I'd vote for the candidate who will actually get
down to work and not be seduced by the goodies that come with the job
of America's chief executive. I remember Obama commented that riding
around in Air Force One was his favorite perk of the job and then
there were all those golfing days, even hours after a beheading
atrocity. I'm weary of presidents entertaining celebrities...just get
down to business.

Donald J Trump has already enjoyed all the benefits of wealth and
power. He has the plane; has traveled among the rich and famous for
decades, and owns a home that will make the white house a step down.
I see him as uniquely qualified to tackle the conservative changes our
country needs. He doesn't need the stress of a campaign or the
presidency. I find his desire to effect real change to be genuine.
I understand that my conservative vote in California is more symbolic
that effective. But then look where California's liberal recent past
has taken us!
Thanks for listening to my say ...happy to hear yours!
Some how I cannot be snookered into falling for the "first woman
president" play...after all we are still reeling from the damage done
by the "first black president" ploy.

Blue Heron said...

Thanks for a sincere reply. I don't agree with much of it but I am sure that the feeling is mutual! I appreciate the input. Fellow commenters, don't even bother disparaging her or my comments because they will be deleted. She is a guest.

Anonymous said...

No need for protection from "disparagers" for me. I have broad shoulders and don't need the approbation of strangers to feel secure in my world view.

Blue Heron said...

Nonetheless, your input is appreciated and I don't want a slagging contest. I am sure that you would acquit yourself well but I don't see the point.