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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

From The Beginning

We have lost another great one. Those of us that were rock aficionados and fortunate enough to see Emerson Lake and Palmer know what an incredible group of musicians they were. People talk about prog rock very dismissively these days but ELP broke epic psychedelic ground with Brain Salad Surgery. Palmer was a superstar drummer and Emerson a brilliant madman on the keyboards. Dare I say underrated...

I took voice lessons way back once when I was young. Don't ask, I can't. Anyway my classical voice teacher back then felt that Lake had the greatest pipes in music. The guy was amazing, he wrote Lucky Man at the age of twelve!

Lake played in Asia and King Crimson of course, as well. Bands of consummate musicianship. His understated craftsmanship, beautiful tone and honey voice will be greatly missed.

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Anonymous said...

I saw them twice live, they were amazing.. King Crimson also was a great band. We're losing the great ones very quickly. So sad.
Deli guy