Rapt attention

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Feathered frolic

It has been a tough week. I have been sick, felt it coming on the plane back from Canada, family member really sick, hard to focus on much, tough to be around people.

So I scrammed up to the wildlife area yesterday. I am happiest when I am alone with the birds. In crisis the blue heron seeks the solace of the marsh.

It wasn't necessarily a stellar day photographically but it was what I needed from a mental health standpoint. I swear if I lived closer and could afford it I would be out there every day. A bad day hiking and shooting pictures of my avian friends beats the best day working or fishing.

I saw a couple people hiking behind me at one point and hid. Had no desire to engage, even with happy birders, usually the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Any day I see a vermillion flycatcher is a good day!

Larry Moskovitz told me that he saw a mature bald eagle out at SJWA recently. I looked for it past the Walker Ponds but couldn't find it.

I did see a Golden Eagle but couldn't get close enough to shoot anything decent.

But got my fill of Red tailed, Red shouldered and Harriers. My raptor friends, they never let me down.

Saw a loggerhead shrike, or butcher bird. This one was not banded like the last one I was able to shoot.

This barbaric little bird likes to impale its live prey on a thorn or barbed wire.

Didn't see that many shorebirds, a couple egrets and an ibis, one heron, lots of ducks and coots.

I was out here with some photog pals a few weeks ago and was shred by mosquitos. Thankfully the cold has done its work. Felt just one little bugger all day.

I just love it out there. Snow capped San Gorgonio gleamed in the distance. Never tire of the beauty of sycamore and native brush. Always feel spiritually replenished. Might be the place to finally rest my bones. Hopefully not anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, Sorry you are sick. The pale raptor soaring looks like a Ferruginous Hawk? I love those vermillion flycatchers with their bright red color. good photos Beth C

Blue Heron said...

I think you are absolutely right on the ferruginous, Beth. I should have spotted and identified it.

Ken Seals said...

Love the story and photos!! Hope you feel better soon.