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Sunday, December 4, 2016

View of Del Mar coastline from Torrey Pines

I post this picture for two purposes; one for Ricardo, Shawn, Steve  and BigDave, who have long left us for greener pastures and shores and maybe have forgotten how "bitchen" North County San Diego still is and two, for you red state ingrates who have despoiled your own precious nests and turned them into a shithole.

It is bad enough that we are subsidizing your sorry asses with our tax dollars, we have no desire to emulate your filthy habits. Do us a favor and stop visiting. Pacificus for Pacificans. You still have Branson, Wall Drugs and Dollywood.


Anonymous said...

Purty little mouth you got there boy. Red Stater

Jon Harwood said...

That image has a very nice color palette.

island guy said...

Looks like a Springtime photo, nice and moist by SD standards. Here the rainy season has kicked in with 10 inches of rain a day for the last 4 days. I am all for Pacificus, might get me to move back. Would the border start at the crest of the coastal range or would we get all the way to the Arizona border?