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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ahsoka finito


Last night marked either the season finale of Ahsoka, the Lucas turned Disney Star Wars product.

There were things I liked about the series and some weak points as well but all in all, the entire season did not rise to the level of its predecessors, The Mandalorian or Andor.

Still, probably as good as Obi Wan and Bobba Fett. I honestly was not a gig fan of the original Star Wars flicks, terrible acting, dumb plot lines. But then they got worse and worse.

The Mandalorian was like a breath of fresh air, at least the first two seasons, then it too got a bit flabby. 

Andor was dark and fantastic, it set a standard that has not come close to being matched. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting, great cinematography. 

Ahsoka Tano, hmmm. I was introduced to the character in the second season of the Mandalorian. She was cool, even with the Bronx accent.

Her own series is different in a lot of ways. And the first thing I can say is that it is conspicuously female. The first feminist Star Wars franchise. The male roles are sort of denuded, the women have sucked up all the machismo in the room. But too much of it degrades to some sort of junior high psychotherapy session. Even the arch antagonist, Thrawn, is a bit of a dud in the alpha male department.

The acting is very uneven, the characters wooden. Script is a bit touchy feely. And the co-star Sabine, definitely suffers from trust and dependability issues. I don't think you would want her in your foxhole if you were going to war. The best acting job was Ray Stevenson's Baylen Skoll but he unfortunately passed away and will not be seen again.

His underling Shin Hahti, while cute as heck, adds nothing to her on screen persona.

I guess I have mixed feelings about this one. I didn't watch the Clone Wars, or more than a couple episodes anyway or Star Wars; Rebels. I understand that Ahsoka was actually like the fifth season of that series, only cast with real life human beings.

Good fight scenes, good battle scenes, nothing rising even close to Luthen's escape from the tractor beam in Andor. A decent distraction. But I can't wait for the next season of Andor.

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