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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Geni Airplane detector

As a goof I stuck Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna guitar player Jorma Kaukonen's name in the Geni familial processor tonight. I knew that he had Jewish roots. This machine tracks both blood and family relationships and is a remarkable illustrator of our general connectiveness. Kevin Baconstein in spades.


Pretty remote nexus but it is there.

But what intrigues me is that I also have some Finnish blood in my personal admixture so I am not sure which side we actually relate on?


I was just listening to Jack and Jorma tonight and they still sound pretty dang good. Way to go, cuz.

Postscript - I knew that Marty Balin's dad was Jewish (mom an Episcopalian) and said, what the hell, go for broke - Nope, not me.


I'm almost afraid to plug any more names in. Spencer? Signe? Leslie and I were lucky enough to see the Airplane with Grace, one magical night. One of the legendary bands, almost unappreciated at this point for the amount of magic they brought.

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