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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Too old for an upgrade

I am quickly reaching the age of obsolescence. Not just my body and my business, the machines in my life are also reaching their past due point. I tried to update to the latest edition of Lightroom this morning and got this message of incompatibility.

I guess my imac is officially too old for an upgrade, being a late 2014 model. I still use Big Sur and you need at least the Monterey OS for an upgrade. SOL.

Not like I can afford a new computer. Or camera for that matter. So like most things, I will make due with what I have until the computer dies or goes on strike. Honestly, I have never needed the fanciest gadget or latest technology. Used the Topcon and Konica when everybody else was rocking their Leica, Nikon, Hasseblad and Minolta. Always had lesser gear. Never slowed me down. I embrace my dinosaurism.

I will have to rely on my photographic skill and artistic ability and forego the latest bells and whistles. 

I am pretty comfortable with that, actually. 

I still have plenty of arrows in my quiver. Make the best of it. 

Or use my phone like everybody else.

Ten years down, surprised the imac will even turn on at this point.

I have got sunflowers blooming all over my place. 

Not sure how they got there, the feeder birds must have dropped the seeds.

Took this shot with my phone this morning.

Leslie tells me the ginger is blooming too. 

What a wonderful year it has been for plants and flowers. 

My plumbago looks pretty on the fence, the bouganvillia also miraculously surviving.

We will all keep on keeping on, best we can.

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Jon Harwood said...

I think a "strategic pause" is a very good way to cope with the endless photography arms race. As long as what you have keeps running it is possible to redirect energy from constantly adapting to the latest change toward making images.

I still have some doubts about all the latest and greatest. Sometimes it is just a program doing a task in one step which used to require three.