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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

By their shopping cart thou shall know them...


Street art - © Robert Sommers 2023

From Salon - Want to know what conservatives think? Look in their grocery carts.

...research over the last decade has found that conservatives are “more reluctant to eat unfamiliar, novel food,” show less of an interest in local and organic food, and also tend to stigmatize vegetarianism. 

“Indeed, conservatives prefer familiar products, reject novel products, and favor national brands which presumably represent tradition and stability,” the authors of the 2023 imperfect FaVs study concluded. 


Good middle east analysis - Israel's costly misunderstanding of Hamas.


Repubs turning against Ukraine.

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll conducted last month, only 39% of Republicans now believe the US should send weapons to Ukraine, representing a 10-point drop in support since February. On the question of sending aid and supplies to Ukraine, 50% of Republicans support the idea while 50% oppose it. In contrast, 86% of Democrats and 63% of independent voters support sending aid and supplies to Ukraine. 
“I think it’s a top-down thing. We recognize that Donald Trump has overtaken the Republican party,” Ramer said. “What Donald Trump tapped into is this isolationist bit of the Republican party, and I think that that is affecting how Republican voters approach the issue.”


DeGoff sent this over. Very illustrative map on the world economy.


Note to the Art Center of Fallbrook - when your plants grow horizontally it means they aren't getting enough sunlight. 

When they grow sideways to this degree it means that nobody is paying attention. 

Unless of course this is a sculptural project.

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