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Monday, October 2, 2023

Bon Appetit!

I'm back to cooking a bit. Last night I made a batch of scones. I was going to try to make some of RoxAnn's cranberry, orange zest variety but Leslie wanted more of my tried and true invention, the ginger, walnut and peach. They are pretty darn good.

I was going to use the last of the frozen peaches but last time they were mushy and so instead I found a couple of ripe one's that actually had flavor. God knows where they are from in October, Chile? 

I diced the candied ginger and peaches super chunky as we both prefer the taste that way.

I minced the walnuts a little too finely and will modify that next time as they sort of got hidden in the mix.

I used organic whipping cream out of a glass bottle and an egg with a super orange yolk. 

Added the vanilla and I was good to go.

I add an ingredient to my scones that most people don't, a half teaspoon of baking soda to go with the two teaspoons of baking powder.

It works for me.

Reduced the sugar from a half a cup to about 3/8ths.

My scones will never be a thing of beauty because I have so many ingredients in them, but they are pretty in the stomach, if you know what I mean.

Leslie said they were the best batch yet but she says that every time.

I am really glad I used fresh fruit. 

Even if they are not super sweet, the cooking really brings out the sugars in the peaches.

I painted the tops of the scones with cream and once again, sprinkled turbinado sugar.


I made dinner tonight too.

I was craving Brussels sprouts and bacon but couldn't decide between a recipe on the stovetop or the oven?

I ended up doing a little of both. 

I bought some applewood smoked, nitrate free, no preservatives bacon because that is the only kind my wife wants me to lets me bring home. 

Not worth the argument but not exactly cheap.

I cooked the bacon in a skillet half way, then cut it with cooking shears and interspersed it with the vegetables on the roasting tray.

Not only did I drizzle olive oil on the brussels sprouts, I poured some of the bacon grease on them too. 


Added garlic powder, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Dash of crushed red pepper because...

450 degrees for 20 minutes.


Thought about the balsamic drizzle but didn't, topped it with freshly grated parmesan from Italy instead.

Then I cooked a top sirloin in what was left of the bacon grease. 

They were running a special on these at Major Market, like $6.75 a lb.

Very tasty.

Leslie came home, table was set, all she had to do was sit down and eat.


She has cooked for 34 years. I am happy to take my turn.

Food vanished.

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Blue Heron said...

Everybody must get sconed.