Tuesday, October 10, 2023

My heart breaks

All the predictable voices are speaking up, blaming Israel for trying to punish Hamas. 

Doctors without Borders, Save the Children, Human Rights Watch, the EU, Tlaib, Omar, Cori Bush, they are all crying already about collective punishment.  

Israel is victimized by senseless murders, the answer from these apologists is to cut off their funding and support, not blame the vile perpetrators.

Unfortunately, the citizens of Gaza hide Hamas operatives and their tunnels in their mosques and their schools and then pretend to know nothing and feign righteous indignation when Israel responds.

Israel is supposed to sit there and take it, or respond with surgical precision. 

Israel removed every settlement and left Gaza in 2005. Hamas launched its first major rocket salvo into Israel just 22 days after Israel completed its withdrawal. The ironic thing is that Israel had been on a humanitarian campaign in Gaza this past year, trying to make life better for the people there. And you see how they were repaid? With Jewish blood. The Palestinians complain about a blockade or border crossing and then go on a vicious killing spree. What response should they now expect?

The price paid for the bloodshed will be deep. The murdered Israeli men, women and children killed in this unprovoked attack will be avenged.

Take out Gaza and Teheran and then level Dearborn and certain sections of Minneapolis while you are at it. Perhaps Harvard too?

I have long loathed the squad, in its entirety. And I was happy to see various Democrats castigating them today for their horrible statements. 

Honestly, if the "progressive" wing of my party ever ascends to the top and are running the show, I will be gone so fast your head will spin. 

I view them the same way I view Gaetz, Greene and Gohmert. They are every bit as bad as the extreme right. 


You have to wonder about people that can set elderly people in wheelchairs on fire and decapitate babies? Parade naked girls through the street. Rape.

Are they really even human?

I have an Iraqi Chaldean friend and a Lebanese Maronite friend who have both had to live subjugated to Muslim and Sharia rule. 

Believe it or not, their hatred for these people even eclipses the most passionate Israeli or American. 

Because they know what happens when the muslims are in power, they have lived it.

And they always advocate for the most draconian of punishments.  

If you look at the pictures of the people killed, the kibbutzniks and others, they looked so sweet, so peaceful. 

Peace activists, children, old people, like the kind of people you would see at a Phish concert. They really didn't deserve to die a gruesome death.

They look like my people.

What a terrible tragedy.

May their lives and loss not be in vain.


Blue Heron said...

I have always been 100% in favor of the right of return and the state of Israel, can’t believe what Hamas did!

What the hell is going to happen next? Armageddon?

What the fuck were they thinking? Israel will not fail.

Hamas WILL regret their inhuman attack, and unfortunately so will every innocent resident of Gaza.

Serious revenge has just started. Big time. And it’s totally justified.

That shit is SO fucked up!


Finest said...

There will be a sweep eliminating Hamas starting at the north end of Gaza
moving towards Egypt. Then they will turn around and go back to mop up.

Hamas will cease to exist much like Carthage who kept needling Rome before
they were exterminated. Annexing the Gaza strip is possible or just letting
it rot. There will be no concession, no brokered deal. There will be one less
shithole for the progressives to root for.

It would be imperative to eliminate not just Hamas hierarchy but Fatah as well,
leaving Gaza with no government. Abbas is as complicit as any paraglider or
stormtrooper on two wheels.

Reap what you sow.