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Monday, January 5, 2009

My weekend in India

Leslie, my spouse, is reading Shantaram this weekend - she blew through like 600 pages the first day. If you haven't read it, it's the story of an australian prison escapee who sets up shop in the slums of Mumbai. A little violent for my taste, but very engaging. Word has it that Johnny Depp has optioned the script.

Yesterday we went to see another movie about Mumbai, the critically acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire. I won't give you the story but it is a brilliant flick and you should make time for it. It even ends with the requisite Indian disco dance scene with the whole cast engaged in Travolta era pelvic thrusts.

Last year Leslie was on an Elvis movie jag, this year its Bollywood all the way. She can stay up til two in the morning watching Bollywood and knows all of the actors and actresses.

To put a fitting end to the vedic weekend, we went to The Blue Peacock, a new Indian restaurant in Temecula after the matinee. It has to be my least favorite cuisine and ran pretty much true to form but I was a trooper and pretended to enjoy myself, sort of.



Anonymous said...

Oh, lucky Leslie, he pretended to enjoy himself while dining! what fun you must have with your husband.

Blue Heron said...

That was Leslie. First time she has ever commented on the blog. She has informed me that she has been watching Bollywood for over 3 years, for my information. She made the killer dinner tonight - I am a very lucky guy.

grumpy said...

i know nothing about Bollywood films-if i had to rent one to watch, which one would it be?