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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Only in California...

The undocumented students also have long-standing ties to California and have worked hard to make a better life for themselves and their families, often overcoming substantial obstacles, said Nicholas Espiritu, staff attorney for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, also involved in the case.

"They have earned the right to be there," Espiritu said. "These are students who are coming from, oftentimes, very low-income areas and underperforming schools, who are finding ways to really achieve and succeed in education despite almost every roadblock imaginable being put in their path."

The Los Angeles Times yesterday had a story on a lawsuit in state court by out of state students who must evidently pay higher college tuition than illegal immigrants.  I don't know why we are subsidizing the education of illegals anyway, call me a heartless bastard.  I guess in the broadest terms I can see educating young children in elementary school on an occasional basis but that has become a tremendous burden on the taxpayer as well. But no way is it right that an illegal gets subsidized before an American taxpayer.  And a secondary and college education for those who are in this country illegally should never be on the government or my dime.

Have we just given up and said "no more borders"?  Do we really have the financial stability  to function as the world's benevolent godfather? Can you imagine going to Mexico and demanding the same treatment and largesse? Do you think they are ready to open up their educational and welfare system to the Guatemalans or Hondurans?  For free? If a Mexican American or Japanese American or Franco American wants tuition aid, fine.  I think most ethnic american populations would agree as well. There is a privilege granted to those that are here legally and who have spent a lifetime paying into the system.

I am not trying to be a grinch or contrarian here - I just think we have taken leave of our common sense.  The Mexican Legal Defense Fund says that they have earned the right to be there. Who made that decision?


grumpy said...

no apologies needed, you're 100% correct...

Anonymous said...

If Mexican illegals can own U.S. property then Americans can own Mexican property (not lease)
If un-documented Mexican's get free medical in U.S. Americans get free medical in Mexico.
If Mexicans can buy U.S. cars and have U.S. license, Americans can buy Mexican cars and have Mexican license. If Mexicans can get free education in the United States then Americans should have the same rights in Mexico. If Mexicans can qualify for welfare and food stamps in the U.S. then Americans can do the same in Mexico. Simply said there should be the same rights in mexico as the U.S.
ALL IT WOULD TAKE IS AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN MEXICO AND THE UNITED STATES. If Mexico backs down then THEY would be the ones who deny the un-documented workers their rights in the United States.
They already deny Americans legal rights in Mexico, yet they demand the same legal rights as Americans in the U.S.
If there should be no borders to deny Mexicans the same rights we have in the United States then why not just sell Mexico to the U.S. and liberate these people from their tyrant government? We could end discrimination and racism and increase our country's productivity, not only in the U.S. but in Mexico we could create millions of jobs. We could transfer our Govt.s billions in aid to Mexico to offset welfare.
We have already in our history purchased parts of New Mexico, Calif. Texas and Arizona from Mexico. Mexico has all the resources the United States has. Just think of the beach front property alone.
So the next time you see some poor illegal alien standing on the corner, looking for work, or a Mexican stuent waiving the Mexican flag at a rally just remind him he could have all the rights of an American, ONLY IF HIS COUNTRY AGREED TO GIVE AMERICANS THE SAME RIGHTS THEY DEMAND HERE.

Anonymous said...

Q. Whut's it all mean, Mr. Natural??
A. Don't mean sheeeet!!

Anonymous said...

But the U.S. and Mexico must agree: Grumpy has no legal rights.

NYSTAN said...

in some ways, you are an arrogant prick. Being a Bush hater does not make you a liberal. You just didn't like George (few did).
Your politics are typical Orange county crappo....too bad all you guys keep HIRING all these people you despise. THAT IS WHY THEY COME HERE-TO WORK AND GET EDUCATED. WHY DON'T YOU JUST KILL ALL OF THEM....god you piss me off sometimes.

Anonymous said...

NYSTAN I know you must be one of the Yew Norkers who does not eat in a NY restaurant because of working conditions of the Puerto Ricans or other minorities who work for minimum wages and struggle to barely get by.

grumpy said...

"But the U.S. and Mexico must agree: Grumpy has no legal rights."