Monday, January 19, 2009

Waffle House

I'm waiting in the parking lot outside Waffle House while my erstwhile comrade does his bidness.  The south may be known for it's fine culinary cuisine but you don't want to eat breakfast here. Waffle House, Shoney's, Cracker Barrel, this place is a ptomaine alley if there ever was one. With a heavy helping of cholesterol, that is.  We saw about 100 Waffle Houses yesterday and over half were missing letters in the sign.  Beware diners, beware.  Had a great grouper dinner in Mobile, Alabama last night - beautiful city - beautiful port, excellent dinner, pretty waitress.  The southern people are friendlier than they are out west, I think.

We found a new motel in Freeville, Florida to stay in and nothing worked yet.  Credit card, key machine, toilet rocked.  They had miniature tableware, tiny bowls, cups and I told Steve that I felt like a giant who had entered Tinytown.  Another great day on a great trip.

Hasta la vista, baby!

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grumpy said...

try the deep fried waffles, i hear they're quite good...also, just for the record, on "The Prisoner", P.M. played Number Six...