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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here I am at the show with Nathan and Roxanne, my friend and helper. No sales yet and very little action seemingly on the floor, with the dealers apparently suffering the same economic trepidation as the public at large. Leslie, my wife, called this morning and said that I should make sure that I was the charming, happy Robert and not the miserable unpleasant Robert but we all know what a prick of misery I will be if I am still at zero after six days of this.

Have met a lot of nice people and everyone loves my wares, seemingly so that is some small consolation. I have bought a lot of great things including an off the charts Donal Hord sculpture. If I don't sell something maybe the mortgage company will want a sculpture.  Steve sold a high dollar painting.  He told me to bring big glitzy, icart type stuff but unfortunately I am all out of bad taste.  I went for color and quality and have my fingers crossed that it just might work.

Roxanne is a sweet girl from Trinidad. I put her on the phone with Leslie and my wife asked her if she would mind keeping me forever. She politely deferred the request. Really glad I hired her because the medical thing is stressing me out. It is also freezing cold in Florida and there is no bedding in the condo. Or soap, or a broom, or toilet paper. If there is a next time it will be in a hotel. They tell me that the cold weather is highly unusual but I am acting smug at the unusual  frigid conditions.

I called the doctor last night when things got particularly nasty and he told me to take advil, stop drinking alcohol and coffee and to eat bland food. Evidently the long trip, along with the stent, has irritated my system. I forgot and drank half a cup of coffee this morning but am hereby off for the duration of the trip.

I still don't have a cable so I can't upload my photographs but I need to take one of the chinese chap who's set up across from me, the chinese Austin Powers, with swank rectangular glasses and spurs and Carnaby street mod jacket. Classic and priceless. Everything in his booth is set up in pairs, including all the counterfeit pots and horses.

Went out with Nathan to the Redlight restaurant last night - quail in peaches or a torn bread base.  They asked what I thought and I said that although it was very good and adventurous, I said lose the bread. They did ask after all and it unnecessarily complicated the dish which was a tad too sweet.  The marlin salad with grapefruit and cassava chips was killer.  Place was freezing.

Lot of New Yorkers here and I may be getting a little attitude back.  Security guard thought I was.  Lot of unsavory types roaming the streets of South Beach at night.  Show filled with yarmulkes, South Americans and possibly your uncle Irving.

Guess I better get off the computer and work on the charming and engaging part again. C ya. Remember, pray for a big score for me or you're going to have a miserable prick on your hands.

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Anonymous said...

I was having a really bad show one time at the El Tovar. Couldn't sell a single painting, and it had been a few days of poor sales, when a young Japaneese guy came up to me and interpeted that his dad spoke no English but he was interested in my paintings. The dad pointed towards my display. I said "which painting does he want?" The son asked him something in Japaneese, then turned to me and said "all of them!" I packed them up and started to go home. As I was leaving the dad came back from the bar and had the bartenders cart loaded with free drinks for all the tourist. Best show I ever did.
Some shows are like that. Not steady and boring, but in a frenzied moment everything can change.
Hang in there. A rich New Yorker with money burning his pockets or a affluent Cuban art collector looms near you. Good art always sells.
Hope you feel better. No Miami CSI stuff!