Sixteen seconds, Swamis Beach

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Calling Ron and Lena

Shawn e-mailed that his messages to you have bounced back (as mine have). He thought you might have a road e-mail address but I don't have it. He says that he hasn't heard from you in a month. Call him. I hope that you are enjoying Thailand and your vacation.

Note to Shawn - if you haven't had a checkup in 30 years and all systems seem to be working, I wouldn't break the streak. Coming from Moldavian hypochondriac stock myself, I would probably be better off not knowing...

Sawadi krap or something like that.



island guy said...

Sawadee Krap/Kap Ron and Lena. It would be fun to see you. We haven't been anywhere in a while, so we might even drive somewhere to meet you and then drive back to Samui (road trip!). This could include Bangkok, Krabi, or just a short run over to Suratanee to save you some bucks on Air Asia. Practice eating spicy food, you will be in the land of prik here in Samui.

R and P

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob! Now let’s see how dedicated a reader they are!


Blue Heron said...

Sounds like they don't want to be found. I'm probably in trouble...

island guy said...

If they would rather not be in touch, their plausible deniability will be impeccable.

You will only be in trouble if you ask them why they don't read your blog on vacation.