Greater Egret

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miami Vices

Another day page has been torn off life's calendar, this one pretty much a waste of time and effort. I awake today to the patter of many feet as a 10k pitters bye.  Yesterday was basically a financial wash out, although I did buy a nice watercolor by Hiroshi Yoshida of Kyoto.  If I return to the Miami Beach Antique Show I will have to concentrate on appealing to the more base desires of rotten humanity.

My sister and her husband drove down for West Palm Beach and walked much of the show until their feet gave out.  We went back to Puerto Sagua, the CubaƱo restaurant where we have been spending much of our time and I watched my sister quietly remove first a fly, and then a hair from her fare.  Somebody mentioned yesterday that one should never frequent a restaurant that does not depend on repeat business and I must agree.  Ocean Avenue, in Miami, is teeming with crappy food being aggressively hawked by european temptresses that is largely inedible. But they can count on a steady stream of new suckers waiting to be shucked.  Wonderful to see my sister and her husband!

As I have been largely off television for the past twenty years, the medium is a new window on the deplorable human condition.  I am particularly grossed out by the hunting shows where children  of all ages start dancing around as they run up to the fallen victim/turkey/buck they have just blown out of existence.  They lift the antlers in this desensitized centerfold shot that shows so little respect for the hapless creature that has just tasted their hot lead.  Pound their chest like a pro wrestler.  Maybe they will get a chance one incarnation to come back as a pronghorn and see how fast they can run?

I forgot to take my last pill last night and think that my heart may be out of rhythm again.  Also getting a small cold.  No hot water in the flat.  Can't wait to get out of here and go home. Must Stop Bitching.  Have certainly had enough art deco for a long while.


grumpy said...

send us a photo of the Chinese Austin Powers, and his booth, pleez!...am thinking about driving up to the FADA show at the LACC today, if i can tear myself away from the Australian Open-you should watch that instead of hunting shows...

Blue Heron said...

Sorry - no cable to upload photos - the hipster from Hong Kong will have to wait...

wave_man said...

Bitching is a strength. It keeps fire in your core. Your creative discontent is your strength. I know I sound like a fucking fortune cookie, but I don't think I would recognize my brother (nor you I) if you stopped bitching.