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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Slog Begins...

I start driving back to California tomorrow morning. Looks like Texas is in what the Weather Channel calls a historic ice storm. My hope is that it will have totally cleared the day after tomorrow when I am scheduled to roll through. I am going to try to take it slow but am a little scared because of all the creepy k-rail concrete barricades on the road as well as the ice. If I have to stay a few extra days in Alabama, I will. Or explore Mississippi. I am staying with my sister tonight in West Palm Beach. She wants me to spend an extra night but I feel like I have to keep moving forward and figure out when to schedule the kidney operation. Drove Steve to the airport this afternoon. Lucky guy. If anyone wants to call, I would love to talk while driving. I plan on driving no more than 10 hours a day. My fervent hope, in no particular order is to arrive safely, in a minimal amount of pain and not have a nervous breakdown. If I owe any of you money and don't get back, tough shit. My tailbone feels bruised from all the sitting. Wish me luck!

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