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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In transit

I am in San Francisco, at big dave's pad, and Mark Twain's musings about the weather up here spring to mind. It's pretty chilly.

Here's a picture of me and my pop taken on my stepmother's laptop. I took off from the Central Valley this morning.  It was very hot and there were a lot of particulants and smoke in the air.  Great to see my father and family and spend some time.  Usually I am blowing right through.

I have had to listen to the national orgy of pain and sadness regarding Michael Jackson on talk radio this morning.  Jeez, I had no idea he was so important in this world.  Greatest entertainer ever, I just heard.   They were trying to find an example of another figure who could elicit such a reaction on KNBR, the sports leader, and they came up with maybe Obama.  The Dalai Lama and Muhammed Ali came up a distant third and fourth.

Now I respected the Jackson 5 as a cool pop band with basically no emotional depth and feel the same way about his solo work.  Great dancer, definitely - but almost a Sal Mineo cartoon rebel pose that was so phony to me.  Always reminded me of a yappy poodle.  He also reminded me of Liza Minelli in some ways,  both totally vulnerable china doll types.  Always raked me like a fingernail on a blackboard.  What am I missing about the gloved one?  Have to wonder if his death would have caused such a major reaction if he had been a black man?

I wonder what outpouring the eventual demise of Dylan will elicit? To me, he is the major iconic artistic figure of my time.  He captures the feelings and nuances of human experience like no other.  But alas, no moonwalk.

Alberto Gonzales finally got a job today - teaching a political science course at Texas Tech. Wonder if any of his old buds pulled any strings for him?

Neighbors told me that they saw a large mountain lion in the field behind my house about three nights ago.  They said my dog really went off.  

Went to Sausalito to eat at a place called fish.  Had fresh local sand dabs.  On the way back we drove up  the dark twisting road to the Marin Headlands and watched the full moon between the bridge pylons.  Guess there was an eclipse.  Hundreds of photographers. Stunning, and I left the camera in the city.  Shit.


grumpy said...

i doubt Bob departs this mortal coil any time soon; even so, the fact that he's still touring puzzles me; he can't really sing anymore, and can he play guitar even? whatever, the faithful will pay good money to see him warble his hits, so they can recapture their youth; as for Michael, the memorial service for him today was moving, though i can really do without the Rev Al-talk about a blowhard; John Maher's guitar solo was beautiful-he can really play; MJ's weirdness aside, you can't deny that Off the Wall and Thriller were great albums, and that his was a phenomenal talent...good luck at your show....

grumpy, the unacknowledged contributor


Anonymous said...

I [sic] agree with Bill O'Reilly. (Did I just say that?......)
That Michael Jackson lived such an enigmatic jaded material life, yet sang "We are the World-We are it's Children"
He spent what? 30 million a month??? Had his own theme park etc. etc.
Could he done better with helping the needy of the World? I truly think he really meant well, but he lived in his own drug induced Neverland where the skys were always blue with candy rainbows and the children were happy and needed no help. He would be periodically reminded of this other World he lived in by his manipulating greedy parents, greedy record executives, hanger-on's, profiteering doctors, the LAPD and the mad parents of of his little friends.
He simply got lost. It must of become increasingly harder for him to fly and find his way back to Neverland Neverland.
I wonder if Elvis is giving him a tour right now.........

grumpy said...

anon makes some very good points; if he's reiterating what Mr. O'Reilly stated, well, like they say, a broken clock is right twice a day...