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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cult Classics

When I tell people that I don't have a television, I invariably hear some gobbledygook like I only watch the history channel or CSPAN. I will be frank with you, I'm so dumbed down that if I did have one, I would be the bleary eyed guy who comes to work all tired out after the weekend Pettycoat Junction marathon or who has memorized every line of dialogue from Fireball XL5. I'm decidedly lowbrow.

I found this clip from Liquid Sky, one of my favorite early 80's cult movies, which unfortunately is not available on Netflix. Some of my other favorite movies include Vanishing Point, Repo Man, O Lucky Man, Legs Diamond, 8 million ways to die, Hudsucker Proxy, The Warriors, Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, Chinese Ghost Story, The Harder They Come, The Man who would be King, Z and my all time favorite movie, One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

Love Zorro and all the samurai movies and pirate movies and mobster movies. Love Lon Chaney. Never could understand Fellini or Bergman or the arty stuff and my little brother Buzz would have to translate what was going on for me. He would be laughing hysterically and I would be like what the hell's going on? We had an old spanish revival theater in Encinitas that I think might have been owned by Mary Pickford called the La Paloma. At one time it had couches instead of chairs and you could catch the late night fare lying down and occasionally snoozing. You could get a Pink Floyd at Pompeii - Bunuel double feature and zone into the stratos. Ah, misspent youth!

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